6 Fun Ways to Help Your Kids Sleep on Their Kids Beds

Having a big family is fun and at the same time challenging. You have to think of smart ways to organise your space while dealing with toddler tantrums or babies crying all at once. The struggle doesn’t end there. You also have to deal with kids tugging and jumping on the bed. They seem to have an endless supply of energy that never runs out even when you put them to bed. Good thing there are kids beds in the market today that are designed to keep them safe.


kids beds


Putting your kids to sleep on their own bed can also be a struggle. You often wake up and realise that they are back in your bed again. They can think of a lot of crazy excuses why they can’t sleep on their beds. But with the help of these ideas below, your kids will sleep on their beds and stay there until morning.


1. Decorate their Bedroom — One way to entice kids to stay in their beds is to keep their bedroom interesting. Make them feel comfortable by painting their room in their favourite colours. You can also add in a wall decal of the cartoon character they like most. Take note of their tastes and create a theme that they can grow into. Kids beds should have complete with bedsheets, blankets, and quilts. the colours should complement the overall bedroom theme.


2. Organise their Bedroom — The kids’ bedroom is also a place where they store their toys and other knick-knacks. You can install floating shelves to display their chosen pieces. If more than one kid stays in the room, you can get their ideas and work on a design together. They will love to stay in their room if you provide them with an environment that they will love. You can also buy kids beds with storage for them to store their toys and keep their room tidy.


3. Add a Pop of Colour — If you paint their walls with basic colours, you can make it livelier but adding a few artworks in funky colours. You can also ask them to paint a rug in their preferred shades. Bring out their creativity by allowing them to design a rug on their own. You can also bring in kids beds, chairs and furniture in funky colours.


4. Replace Light Fittings — One way to spruce up your kids’ bedroom is to replace light fittings. Think of a light fitting that will catch their attention such as a cloud-shaped chandelier or a chandelier with cartoon figures. If you want to keep it simple, you can purchase chandeliers from thrift stores and paint them in pink or blue or pastel colours. You can also put cute decals near their light switch to add some fun to the overall design.


5. Make Their Ceiling Interesting — Most kids have a wild imagination when the lights go out. Put in some interesting glow in the dark shapes on their ceiling to help them fall asleep. You can also use a bedside animal lamp or a moving night light to make sleeping time more interesting. Top it off with a music box that will surely put them to sleep.


6. Make Use of Loft Beds — Loft beds allow you to maximise the space of your kids’ bedroom. If you have older kids, they can use loft beds while younger ones can use single beds or bunk beds. Look for a manufacturer of loft beds Melbourne has today that specialises in quality loft beds for kids. You can put a play space underneath the loft bed or a study desk depending on your child’s tastes. If you want your kids’ bedroom to be a place where they can sleep, play and study, installing a loft bed is a great option.


These are a few tips on how you can transform your kids’ bedroom. While it may be challenging in the beginning, getting your kids to sleep in their rooms will be easier as time goes by. The more they feel comfortable in their own rooms, it will be easier for them to adjust and eventually sleep on their own. If you want to buy a King single loft bed, you may visit https://www.fittingfurniture.com.au/home/kids-beds for more details.